React Hangman Koji Template Released

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know that I have been working on a game template for Koji for the past few months. It started out as a portfolio project for me when I was looking for a job, and even after I got the job I decided I wanted to finish it and release it as a template for other Koji users to build their own apps on top of.

Well, today is the day of the first public release! Go play it here:

It’s intended to be a template, but the base app is fully playable in its own right!

I invite you to play the game and leave a comment on how you felt about it. Any feedback is helpful!

Godot Node Selection Square Getting Fixed

In Godot 3.0, when you create a scene or a node, a 64×64 selection square appears around it by default. You cannot change the size of this selection square, and resizing it changes the scale of the scene/node, rather than resizing it.

To get the portal placed on the ground, I have to monkey around with offsets in the instanced scene itself. Ugh.

It gets particularly annoying when you are trying to place said scene/node instead of a snap-grid, and the 64×64 area not only clashes visually with your grid, it makes it hard to determine where the position actually is! It’s been a source of frustration for me as I learn how to make games using Godot.

Sprite is 32×32, but selection square is larger, so I can’t place the start position on the ground. Grr.

The good news it that this seems to be one of the things getting changed for Godot 3.1. While looking to see if there are ways to work around this quirk of Godot, I came across this change being merged into Godot’s master branch:


Basically, it resizes the selection rectangle to fit the dimensions of a sized child, and in cases where there is no sized child it uses a crosshair centered on the actual spawning position of the entity. This looks like it’ll resolve my gripes with the selection square quite well.

Godot 3.1 is currently in beta, so hopefully this will be released soon! Because the release seems imminent, I’ll just keep putting up with the selection square until 3.1 officially comes out.