About Me

Who are you?
I’m Josh Anthony.

What do you do?
I’m a full-stack web developer. I’m also a husband and a father, and an ambitious dreamer!

What do you write about?
Honestly, whatever interests me! My goal is to at least talk about code and overcoming mental disabilities, but if I find a topic that intrigues me enough, I’ll write about it.

Where do you live?
Formerly, the great city of Rochester, Minnesota! I spent most of my life living there or in the surrounding area, and I’m fond of the place.

Since I started contracting for Best Buy, I moved up to the Twin Cities metro area. Apple Valley, to be specific. So far, I’m enjoying living here.

Where do you work?
At the moment, I’m a web developer for Threebridge, doing contract work for Best Buy.

How did you get into programming?
I’m self-taught. I’m blessed to have learned enough to make a living from it.

You said “blessed”. Are you religious?
I wouldn’t call myself “religious”. I believe in God and I’ve trusted Christ as my savior, but I feel iffy on affixing the “religious” label to myself.

Windows. I used to go Ubuntu, but I switched back to Windows.

Firefox and Brave.

Do you play chess?
Yes! I’m pretty good at it, if I say so myself. Don’t believe me? Meet me on Gameknot. My username is Tackop. Bring it on!

Got any other hobbies?
I enjoy playing video games, on PC, console, and mobile. I also love to read, listen/write music, and daydream about future projects. Just to name a few things, anyway.

That sounds so generic!
Well, sorry! Maybe I’ll come back and revise that section when I think of something better.

You mentioned overcoming mental disabilities. Care to elaborate?
Specifically, I contend with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and Bipolar Disorder (Type 2).

You’re awfully upfront about that. Aren’t you worried about what people are going to think about you?
Only if they think I have to be coddled and wrapped up in a safety bubble! I’m not out to siphon sympathy; I want to share the struggles I’ve been through and still deal with in order to inspire others to take up the struggle for success.

You suck!
I shrug at you.

Just kidding, you seem to be a cool dude. How can I contact you?
Feel free to reach out on my social media accounts!